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25 August 2014



At approximately 9:15am on 25th August 2014, the Heritage Bank located on Barrack Road was robbed at gunpoint by two men of dark complexion. They made off with over $40,000.00 in Belize and US currency. They then fled in a waiting grey dodge van that was parked on Craig Street. At 10:00am, the van was located abandoned on Santa Barbara Street. Police are still investigating.

Reference the missing person report made on the 16th August 2014 by Carla CASIMIRO, of Ladyville Village, concerning the disappearance of her 27-year-old brother, Denvo Banner DUHANEY, Belizean Laborer of Lemonal Village; on 23rd August 2014, Ladyville Police conducted a search at about 2:30pm in some bushes about 600 feet north east of St. Luke's Methodist Primary School in Lemonal Village. There they discovered the decomposed body of a male person later identified as Denvo Banner DUHANEY, in a shallow grave.  On the same date, a postmortem examination was conducted on the body of Denvo Banner DUHANEY where the cause of death was certified as due to gunshot wounds to the head. Police investigation continues.

On 22nd August 2014at about 9:35pm, police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw Ralph MARTINEZ, 40yrs, in a stable condition suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the lower back. Initial investigations revealed that MARTINEZ was walking on Vernon Street when upon reaching the corner of Mayflower and Vernon Streets, an unknown male person - in a white van travelling on Vernon Street - fired shots in his direction causing his injury. Police retrieved two Lugar brand expended shells from the scene. Police investigations continue.

FOUND PROPERTY             

On 24th August 2014 at about 12:30pm, a police/BDF Strike Team visited an abandoned lot on Vernon Street where searches inside a blue drum led to the finding of a black plastic bag inside. The black plastic bag was found to contain (5) black parcels, each containing green leafy substance believed to be that of cannabis. No one was in the area at the time of the search. The drugs were taken to Raccoon Police Station to be processed and weighed. The drugs amounted to 447.8 grams. It was then placed inside an empty brown manila envelope, sealed and label as found property.

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