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15 August 2014



At 8:00am on 14th August 2014, police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw the body of Oscar Richard RUBIO, 38 year old of Belize City, with a large cut wound to the right side of the head. Initial investigations revealed that at 10:00pm on 30th July 2014, RUBIO was along with another male person at Constitution Park, located on Cemetery Road, when they were approached by a male person who inflicted the injury to him. He was transported to the K.H.M.H. where he was admitted in a critical condition. At 6:45pm on 13th August 2014, he succumbed to his injury. A postmortem examination conducted on the body certified the cause of death as Cerebral Edema due to Head Trauma. Police have since detained two persons and are looking for another pending investigation.  

Derrick HEMMANS, 31 year old Location Manager for Chukka Tours, reported that at 5:27pm on 14th August 2014, he arrived from Water Caye and unloaded some supplies into a white Chevy cargo van and then drove off.  Upon reaching the NAPA roundabout, he was approached by a dark complexion male person who entered the van and pointed what appeared to be a .38 revolver at him and demanded money.  Fearing for his life HEMMANS handed over (2) black bags; one contained a black Lenova brand laptop computer and the other, $6,500.00 in cash, all property of Chukka Tours.  The male person also took his license 9mm pistol and a magazine containing sixteen 9mm live rounds.  Police are looking for man from Belize City pending investigations.


On 14th August 2014, Dr. Mario Estra Bran conducted a postmortem examination on the body of Thomas NUNEZ where at the conclusion he certified the cause of death as Multiple Organ Failure, Multiple Trauma due to Road Traffic Accident.



At 2:20pm on 14th August 2014, a postmortem examination was conducted on the body of Juan Manuel ESPANA, 23 year old of Trio Village, which certified the cause of death as Exanguination, Internal and External Bleeding, Moclenum liver and aorta injuries, due to stab wound to the abdomen.

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