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04 August 2014



Gilberto CAMAL, Belizean Teacher of Xaibe Village, Corozal District, reported that between 11:00pm on 31st July 2014 and 5:30am on 1st August 2014 his wife’s blue 1995 Ford Ranger pickup truck with license plate Czl-C-17357 was stolen from his garage. Police are investigating.



On 3rd August 2014 at 6:00am, police was called out to an area Orange Walk Town in relation to a shooting incident. Upon arrival, police observed a male person identified as Roy BAYLISS, 18 year old Belizean Laborer of Corozal Town, bleeding from what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the right cheek and behind the left ear. Initial police investigation revealed that BAYLISS had an altercation with a male person in front of Hi-5 night club and upon leaving from that area he was followed and apparently shot. His body is now at the Northern Regional Morgue awaiting a postmortem examination. Police investigations continue.


On 2nd August 2014 at about 1:10am, police responded to a House Fire at Carmelita Village, Orange Walk District, where a two-story wooden house was completely destroyed by fire. Initial investigation revealed that on 1st August 2014 at about 11:00pm, Sara RHABURN saw her son, Andy RHABURN, take out some of his personal belongings from her house where he was living. A few hours later the house was seen engulfed in flames. No one was hurt in thefire. Police are looking for Andy RHABURN from Carmelita Village, Orange Walk District.



Angelica MORRISON, of Los Lagos, Ladyville Village, reported that her 24-year-old son, Dwayne YOUNG, Belizean Laborer of the same address, went missing on 28th July 2014 at around 12:00pm. He left home to have lunch at his girlfriend at Mile 13 on the Phillip Goldson Highway and had not been seen or heard from him since. He is of Creole descent, dark complexion, 5 feet 6 inches in height and weighs about 150 lbs. He has a low haircut and was last seen wearing long brown Dickies pants and a buttoned gray shirt. Police are investigating.



Acting on information received on 2nd August 2014 at 6:15am, police visited the Lord Ridge cemetery located 1 1/4 mile on the George Price Highway, where they observed the body of a Creole descent female lying face up in a pool of blood. The body had multiple apparent stab wounds to the left side of the neck and face. The female was later identified as Chryslin GLADDEN, 16 year old of Belize City. Initial investigation revealed that she left her home at 7:00pm, on 1st August 2014, to visit a friend. Since then she was not seen or heard from. On the scene at about 200 yards away from the body, a flask containing a suspected alcoholic beverage and a knife with suspected blood stains were found. The body was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival and now awaits a postmortem at K.H.M.H. Morgue as investigation continues.

Reference the Shooting Death of Carlos MAYORGA and Alida ASENCIO which occurred on 26th July 2014, on 1st August 2014, Police arrested and charged Khaleel CAREAM PONCE, 19 year old Belizean Laborer of Belize City, for the crimes of (2) counts of Murder, (2) counts of Attempted Murder, (2) counts of Use of Deadly Means of Harm and (2) counts of Dangerous Harm.



On 3rd August 2014 at about 1:36pm, a 15-year-old Belizean Student of San San Pedro Town, accompanied by her Mother, visited the San Pedro Police Station and reported that on 2nd August 2014 at 3:30pm she left home on her bicycle en route to a store in the Boca Del Rio Area to purchase some items. She continued by saying she was about to cross the bridge en route to the store when she met a male person whom she has known for a month. She accompanied him to a dock where he had sexual intercourse with her against her will. Police are seeking this man pending charges.


A 22-year-old Belizean Cashier at Tropigas Benque Viejo Del Carmen reported that on 2nd August 2014 at about 7:15am, he was opening the business establishment when two masked men ran towards him. The held him up with a knife and forced him into his workplace. One of the culprits took him to the cashier room where he was ordered to open the safe with money. After taking all the money, both culprits exited the building making good their escape. The cashier also reported that the robbers took his wallet containing personal items. It was confirmed that the assailants stole over $4,000.00, in cash, belonging to Tropigas Belmopan Branch. Police are investigating



On 1st August 2014 about 11:00am, Benque Police conducted a search at the residence of Royland CASTELLANOS in the Lomas Del Rodeo Area, Benque Viejo Town, where they found a black plastic bag in the yard which contained green leafy substance suspected to be cannabis. The suspected cannabis was weighed in the presence of the accused which amounted to 122 grams. Police arrested and charged Royland CASTELLANOS, 29 year old Belizean Laborer of Benque Viejo Town, for the offence of Drug Trafficking.



Manuel HERNANDEZ, 25 year old Honduran Salesman of Dangriga Town, along with his 16-year-old coworker, also of Dangriga Town, reported that on 3rd August 2014 at about 2:45pm, they were both heading to Belmopan City in an Isuzu 6 wheel truck when upon reaching miles 28 on the Hummingbird Highway they both heard a gunshot. They slowed down the truck when suddenly a masked man dress in full black clothing  broke the right glass window of the truck and pointed the firearm at the 16-year-old’s head. The assailant got into the truck and demanded money from Manuel while threatening the life of the 16-year-old. Fearing for their lives, Manuel handed over $8,600.00 to the culprit. The robber then jumped out of the truck and made good his escape. Police are investigating.

Ryan BUDD reported that on 26th July 2014 at about 8:00am, he reported for work at Sittee Point area in Sittee River village, Stann Creek District. While he was at work, his supervisor, Kenroy CODD, got into an argument with him concerning work issues. He stated that while he was bending down to tie his shoes, Kenroy CODD hit him with an unknown object to the head causing him to lose consciousness. When Ryan BUDD woke up he realized he was in the Southern Regional Hospital and was later transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for further treatment. Police arrested and charged Kenroy CODD, 24 year old Belizean Laborer of Sittee River, for the crime of Grievous Harm.

On 2nd August 2014 at about 12:40pm, police visited Sun Down Trail, where they observed a concrete bungalow house with its interior and roofing engulfed in flames. Initial investigation revealed that at about 12:00pm on 2nd August 2014, Cecil GILL, 62 year old Belizean Businessman of Sun Down Trail - Independence Village, left his home secured and went to Punta Gorda Town along with his family when he received a phone call that his house was on fire. On arrival, he noticed that his house was in flames and completely damaged. Fire personnel extinguished the fire. The cause of the fire is believed to be an electrical fault. Police are investigating.

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