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28 July 2014



On 25th July, 2014 at about 11:15am, while police were on mobile patrol within the Commercial Free Zone Compound, their attention was drawn to a grey car which was parked on the left side of the road on an unnamed street within the Free Zone Compound. Upon approach of the said grey car, it sped off and Police set chase behind it. After chasing the vehicle for few yards, they saw a male person stretched out his hand from the passenger side and threw out a parcel while the vehicle was in motion. The vehicle then came to a complete stop and police surrounded the vehicle and ordered the occupants to exit with their hands in the air which they complied. Police then led the occupants; two males and a female, to the exact location where the parcel was thrown. This led to the discovery of a transparent plastic bag which contained green leafy vegetable substance which is suspected to be cannabis. The drugs amounted to 1.005kg. Police arrested Jose Manuel MATUS, 39 year old Belizean Electrician of Paraiso Village, Corozal District, Noeli Maeli MANZANILLA, 32 year old Belizean Domestic of Paraiso Village, and Brian Steve MARTINEZ, 18 year old Belizean Laborer of Rainbow Town Area, Corozal Town, for Drug Trafficking.

On 25th July, 2014 at about 4:30pm, Felipe UK, 50 year old Belizean Vendor/Deliveryman for Bowen & Bowen, reported that between 4:00pm and 4:15pm while along with his sideman, driving a red Bowen & Bowen truck on an unnamed street in the Altamira Area, Corozal Town, they were approached from the nearby bush by three Hispanic descent male persons. The male persons were all wearing bandanas over their faces and brandishing firearms. Two of them got onto the running board of the truck, on the driver's side, where they placed firearms to UK’s head and demanded a pouch. Fearing for his life, Mr. UK handed over an undisclosed amount of money, property of Bowen & Bowen. The three male persons then ran into the nearby bushes and made good their escape. Police have since detained two men from Corozal Town pending investigation.


On 25th July 2014 at about 5:45pm, acting on information received of a fatal traffic accident between miles 6 & 7 on the Phillip Goldson Highway, Ladyville Police visited the area where they saw a Gold Nissan Navarra double cab pickup truck parked on the extreme right side of the highway, with its front portion facing Belize City. Also seen was a black and silver Meilun Cyclone motor cycle, directly in contact with the left side of the Pickup truck, extensively damaged. A male person was observed lying face down apparently dead, about 13 feet away from the vehicles and another body of a male person was also observed face down and  apparently dead about 41feet away from the vehicles off the shoulder of the road. Initial investigation revealed that Leslie NICHOLAS, 40 year old Belizean Business Operation Officer of Lord's Bank Village, was driving the Nissan Navarra (property of Belize Tourism Board) from the direction of Ladyville Village to Belize City when upon reaching between miles 6 & 7 on the Phillip Goldson Highway, he observed the motor cycle travelling from the opposite direction suddenly swerve into his lane, causing the accident. The cycle was driven at the time by Duane PELAYO, 31 year old of Belize City, who had a passenger, Gerald GILLETT, 48 year old Belizean Security. Both male persons were flung from the cycle and onto the road, succumbing to their injuries. Mr. Leslie NICHOLAS complained of pain to the neck and right ring finger. The bodies of the men were transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and were pronounced dead at 7:46pm (Duane PELAYO) and 7:47pm (Gerald GILLETT). Thereafter, the bodies were transported to the K.H.M.H. morgue awaiting a postmortem examination.


At about 5:00am on 26th July 2014, as a result of information received, police visited #47 Mopan Street, Belize City, where inside a bedroom they saw the motionless body of Carlos MAYORGA, 52 year old Naturalized Belizean Vendor, with an apparent gunshot wound to the back of neck and left shoulder. His body was discovered in a kneeling position. Also, police observed Sijihan AVILA, 21 year old Waitress, with an apparent gunshot wound to the left chest and left side of abdomen; Karina AVILA, 19 year old Waitress, with an apparent gunshot wound to the left arm and Alida ASENCIO, 42 year old Honduran Food Vendor, with apparent gunshot wound to the left breast and left abdomen. Initial investigation revealed that on 26th July, 2014 at about 4:50am, the four persons mentioned were at #47 Mopan Street when two dark complexion male persons entered the house through the back door. One of the male persons was armed with a black .9mm pistol and the other with a knife. The male person with the firearm pointed it at MAYORGA, Karina, Sijihan and Alida and took them inside MAYORGA's bedroom. He then demanded money; to which MAYORGA opened a secured locker and handed over $2,000.00 in cash. After the male person took the money, he stood by the room door, pointed the firearm at MAYORGA who was still in a kneeling position and fired a single shot at him causing his injury. The male person then shot the others. Both male persons then ran through the backdoor. All the victims were transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The body of Carlos MAYORGA was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The body is now at the K.H.M.H. Morgue awaiting a postmortem examination. All the other victims are receiving treatment at the hospital. Police have detained three men, of Belize City, pending investigation.

Charlie MACINTOSH, 65 year old, reported that on 26th July, 2014 at about 10:30pm, he received a phone call from Alejandro CALDERON - one of his Security Guards of Caribbean Shrimp located in the Milpa Area, Ladyville Village - who said that someone had shot him. As a result, Mr. MACINTOSH visited Caribbean Shrimp and found Alejandro CALDERON suffering from multiple pellet wounds all over the body. Alejandro informed him that while he was inside his house, located on Caribbean Shrimp compound, someone threw a stone at the house and when he went outside, they fired one shot at him. He was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was admitted in a stable condition. Police are investigating.

Alma Rosa ANTUNEZ, of Belama Phase 4 in Belize City, reported that on 25th July 2014 at about 12:30pm, her husband, Orlando BAUTISTA, 36 year old Honduran Construction Worker, left home to look for a job and has not returned home since. He is of Hispanic descent, brown complexion, slim built, has high bushy hair, a mole on the upper shoulder in a shape of a cross. He was last seen wearing a blue t-shirt, blue long Dickies pants, a blue cap and a pair of black shoes.

On 25th July 2014 at about 7:45am, police visited a house at the corner of Jaguar Avenue and Tapir Street, Belize City, where in the bedroom they saw the lifeless body of Stephen John MICHAEL Jr., 28 year old Belizean Teacher, lying on a bed with blood on his mouth and nose. Initial investigation revealed that at about 7:00am, a neighbor saw Mr. MICHAEL’s front doors open. While making checks she found him motionless in his bed. The body of Stephen John MICHAEL Jr. was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 9:00am. The body now lies at the K.H.M.H. morgue awaiting a postmortem examination. Police are investigating.


Warren RICKER, American Music Producer of U.S.A and current resident of San Pedro Town, reported that on 25th July 2014 at around 8:00am, he woke up and found a door of his house forced open. He immediately started checking on his belongings in the house and found the following items missing: (1) Macintosh Apple Mac Pro Book, (1) white & black Betsy Johnson purse containing an American Passport in the name of Molly Katherine Basewell, (1) black Nothface brand back pack, (5) computer hard drives and (1) machete. Police are investigating.



On 26th July 2014 at about 7:00pm, based on information received of a fatal traffic accident between miles 29 and 30 on the Southern Highway, police visited the scene where they saw two male persons lying on the highway and one of them was apparently dead. Initial investigations revealed that Jose LOPEZ, 38 year old Guatemalan Farmer of Cow Pen, was riding his bicycle in the direction of Georgetown while carrying 39 year old Hector ENRIQUEZ when he was knocked down by Freddy ORDONEZ, 27 year old of Bella Vista. Both men were transported to the Southern Regional Hospital where LOPEZ was pronounced dead. Police investigations continue.



Acting on information received of a chopping incident in San Vicente Village, Toledo District, at 9:05pm on 26th July 2014, police visited San Vicente Village church where they saw a Mayan descent male person covered in blood. He was identified as Petrolino Lorenzo RAMIREZ, 46 year old of Santa Cruz, Guatemala City. Mr. RAMIREZ was suffering from multiple chop wounds to the body and was escorted to the Hospital. Police then pursued the alleged suspect to a shed where they saw a male person, fitting the description of the person who allegedly inflicted the wounds on RAMIREZ, holding a machete in his hand. He was instructed to drop the machete, but to no avail. Instead the male person raised the machete in the air and in a sticking motion, attempted to throw the machete towards the Police Officer. The police officer attempted to subdue him with rubber bullets, but to no avail. The Police Officer then his license 9mm and fired one shot hitting him in the right upper leg. The unknown male person was then disarmed and transported to the Punta Gorda Hospital where he was later identified to be Pablo ESCOBAR, 18 year old Belizean of San Vicente Village.

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