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24 July 2014



On 23rd July 2014 at about 6:50am, Police received a report that Felix ALAMILLA received injuries from a stabbing incident and was rushed to the San Carlos Medical Center situated on Pescador Drive, San Pedro Town. As a result, police visited the Medical Center where they saw the body of a Hispanic male person with what appeared to be (3) stab wounds; to the left thigh, left upper shoulder and left side of the head. Initial investigation revealed that at about 5:15am, Felix Eduardo ALAMILLA, 28 year old Belizean Manager of Boca Ciaga Area, San Pedro Town, was sleeping at a residence in the area when he was allegedly attacked by his Common-Law Wife, Anabel Bacelis KUMUL, 38 year old Mexican Domestic of Boca Ciaga Area, San Pedro Town, who inflicted his injuries. He managed to escape and made his way to the road where he was met by his stepfather who rushed him to the San Carlos Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 6:30am. The body was later transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Morgue for a postmortem examination. A knife with what appears to be blood stains on the blade was retrieved from the scene. Police have detained Anabel Bacelis KUMUL and two others, pending charges.


Luis GONZALEZ visited the San Ignacio Town Police Station and reported that at 11:00pm on 22nd July 2014, his sister and an employee closed Eva's Restaurant, the family business located on Burns Avenue. After closing the establishment, they proceeded home. On 23rd July 2014 at around 6:00am, GONZALEZ received a call from his cousin who informed him that the restaurant had been burglarized. He then immediately headed to the restaurant and found out that a black 32 inch flat Screen Television, Samsung Brand, was stolen. Police investigations continue.


Edgar EK, 38 year old Belizean Deputy Chief Environment Officer of San Narciso Village, Corozal District, reported that sometime between 8:15am and 9:20am on 23rd July 2014, someone stole a 2008 brown in color Toyota Hilux Pickup bearing license plates BMP-B0108. The Hilux, of which is assigned to the Department of Environment, was parked in front of the main office situated at Market Square Area, Belmopan City. Police have since detained a 32-year-old man of Belmopan City, pending investigation.


Pedro MAI, 74 year old Belizean Farmer of San Antonio Village reported that, sometime between 6:00am and 5:20pm on 21st July 2014, his Steven’s brand Pump Action shot gun was stolen from inside his bedroom. Police are investigating.


On 22nd July 2014 about 1:55pm, Dangriga Police visited the Old Belize River near the banks of White Swan Bridge, Hope Creek Village, where on arrival; they saw the body of a Mayan decent male person face down in the water. Attached to his back was a white, orange and blue bag which contained (1) empty Chlorox gallon and a plastic food container. The deceased was identified as Roque Magdaleno SANCHEZ Jr., 29 year old Belizean Laborer of Long Bank Area, Dangriga Town. Initial investigation revealed that SANCHEZ Jr. left his home on Monday, 21st July 2014, at around 6:00pm and returned on Tuesday, 22nd July 2014, at about 5:45am under the influence of alcohol. He then took his backpack and reportedly stated that he was going to work in Long Bank. The body was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital where it was pronounced dead on arrival. No foul play is suspected. Police are investigating.

On 23rd July 2014, between the hours of 1:30pm and 2:45pm, a postmortem examination was conducted at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital morgue on the body of Roque Magdaleno SANCHEZ Jr., 29 year old, which certified the cause of death as drowning.

On Tuesday, 8th July 2014, Dangriga Police visited #19 Yemeri Road, Dangriga Town, the home of Dorcas CALIZ, 44 year old Belizean Secretary, who reported that her home was broken into between 20th June 2014 and 8th July 2014. Stolen from inside her home were an assortment of kitchen utensils, electronic items and a bicycle. Police have since detained one man, pending investigation.

On 23rd July 2014 between the hours of 2:45pm and 3:00pm, Dangriga Police searched an abandoned house and lot on Polack Street which led to the discovery of a homemade 16 gauge shotgun containing an Aquila brand 16 gauge live cartridge in the chamber. No one was found in the area at the time of the discovery. The firearm was labeled as found property.


On Wednesday, 23rd July 2014 at about 3:45pm, police searched Samuel Benjamin TRAPP, 33 year old Belizean Boat Captain of Indian Ville Area, which led to the discovery of a transparent bag in his left back pants pocket. The transparent bag contained two pink bags inside which contained white powdery substance suspected to be cocaine. The suspected cocaine was weighed in his presence. It amounted to 250 grams. Police formally arrested and charged Samuel Benjamin TRAPP for the offence of Drug Trafficking to wit: 250g of suspected cocaine.

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