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22 July 2014



On 21st July 2014 at 3:09pm, Mariacel Itzel TUN, 20 year old of Chunox Village, Corozal District, visited the police station and reported that on 20th July 2014 at about 10:00pm, she was at home along with her mother and two female friends when she heard a loud noise outside the house. They then all made their way outside where she noticed four men beating her common-law-husband, Jose Danilo MONZON, 19 year old also of Chunox Village, who was seen on the ground. She stated that when she saw the male persons attacking beating her husband she tried to intervene and put a stop to it, but was also beaten. Jose Danilo MONZON was hospitalized at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a critical condition. Mariacel TUN’s injuries were certified as harm. Police have since detained all four men as the investigation continues.


On 21st July 2014 at about 8:45pm, police at the Northern Border check point searched a grey 4-door Chevy Llimina car driven by Armando VASQUEZ. In the vehicle, police found two transparent plastic bags each containing green leafy vegetable substance, suspected to be Cannabis. The suspected Cannabis was weighed in his presence, which amounted to 505 grams. VASQUEZ, 30 year old Belizean Electrician of Diego Street, Corozal Town, was charged for the offence of Drug Trafficking.  



At about 8:30pm on 21st July 2014, police conducted a search in an empty lot on Antelope Street which led to the discovery of a black bag containing , (10) small black plastic bags with green leafy vegetable substance, suspected to be cannabis. The suspected cannabis was taken to Precinct 2, Raccoon Street Police Station where it was weighed and amounted to 1,126.4 grams. The drug was deposited as Found Property.

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