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08 July 2014



On 7th July 2014 at about 10:30pm, police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw the body of Leon BURGESS, 25 year old of Belize City, with apparent gunshot wounds to the upper part of his body and head. Initial investigation revealed that, approximately 10:25pm on 7th July 2014, BURGESS got up to use the bathroom when several shots were fired at the western portion of his home. He was immediately transported to the K.H.M.H., but was pronounced dead on arrival. The body now awaits a postmortem examination. Police are investigating.

On 6th July 2014 at about 8:45pm, Information was received of a fire in the Boca Del Rio Area, San Pedro Town, in the vicinity of Compadres Bar.  As a result, police visited Conch Shell Street in the Boca Del Rio Area where the upper flat of a two-story house, built with lumber and concrete, was seen engulfed in flames. Initial investigation revealed that at about 8:45pm, smoke was seen coming from within the house and upon making checks inside one of the bedrooms, a mattress was seen completely engulfed in flames. The fire from the mattress quickly spread to the walls, flooring and ceiling, totally destroying the building which was owned by MARCIA GOMEZ, of Escalante Area, San Pedro Town. The fire then spread to a two-story-plywood and lumber structure located about 1 foot on the left-hand side from the first structure which was occupied by different tenants and then to the remaining three plywood structures within the same yard rented out to different tenants. All structures were totally destroyed by the fire. A two-story concrete cement structure owned by EDITA HERNANDEZ, which houses a family of four on the upper flat and a family of three on the lower flat, was partially damaged. Also partially destroyed was a 20x24 ply wood structure which is located about three feet on the right hand side, from the first structure, owned and occupied by Charles BENNETT and his twelve family members.


Joe SARAVIA, 27 year old Belizean Aqua Culture Technician of Buena Vista Village, reported that on 4th July 2014, he left his work place at Central Farm well secured with a green John Deer riding mower locked inside. On 7th July 2014 at about 6:50am, his co-worker reported that he went to the site and saw the door open and the mower missing. Police are investigating.

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