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02 July 2014



Ramon Miguel CERVANTES, 46 year old of Orange Walk Town, reported that, on 1st July 2014 at about 3:31pm, he was in San Antonio Village when he received a call from his sister who informed him that their father, Ramon CERVANTES, 71 year old of Palmar Road, Orange Walk Town, was missing. His sister also mentioned that she was calling him, but received no answer. Several attempts were made to locate him, but to no avail. As a result, he visited his father’s cane field - situated along San Roman Road, Orange Walk District, where he found his father Grey Land Rover without its battery and other items. Ramon CERVANTES is of dark brown complexion, about 5 feet 5 inches in height, has greying hair, narrow face, sharp nose and a black mustache. Police investigations continue.



William HUBERT, 70 year old American - retired Business owner of San Pedro Town, visited the San Pedro Police Station on 1st July 2014 at around 12:50pm to make a report. He stated that on 28th June 2014, one of his tenants, Marvin, who has been renting from him for the past six months, walked in his room and held him down. The tenant then reportedly poured Clorox into his eyes. He further stated that he was locked up in his room until the 1st July 2014, at 8:30am, when his other tenant took him to a grocery store to purchase. HUBERT was later taken to the police station where he made a formal report. His injuries were classified as Wounding. Police are seeking two persons as investigations continue. 

On 30th June 2014 at about 5:00pm, members of Eastern Division Quick Response Team were on an anti-crime operation, during which searches were conducted in a mangrove area located on Neal’s Pen Road, which led to the discovery of a large red sack containing (9) black plastic bags. Each bag contained green leafy vegetable substance suspected to be cannabis. The drug amounted to 940.0 grams. No one was in the immediate area. The drug was labelled as found property.

On 30th June 2014, at around 10:00am, acting on information received of a stolen vessel spotted in the Tarpon Area, San Pedro Police Officer visited the area where they saw a (25) feet white and blue fibreglass vessel with the name “Kom Ja” and attached was a 100HP Yamaha engine. The vessel was found parked behind the residence of a Belizean Businessman. Police investigation revealed that the vessel was stolen from Xcalak area, Mexico City, about three to four days ago. The bow of the vessel shows an emblem “Amigos Del Hol Bosh. The vessel was confiscated and taken to the Belize Coast Guard Compound in San Pedro Town, as investigation continues.

On 30th June 2014 at about 5:00pm, police on an anti-crime operation in a mangrove area located on Neal’s Pen Road, discovered a large red sack containing 940grams of cannabis. No one was in the area and the drugs were deposited as found property.  


Narciso FLOTA, of San Pablo Area, San Pedro Town, visited the San Pedro Police Station on 30th June 2014 at around 9:15am and reported that, on 29th June 2014 at around 8:00pm, he parked his rented white F&S golf cart bearing license plates SPC#2616, on Pelican Street beside Western Union Chico Meat Shop, unsecured. Upon his return at around 9:30am, his cart was missing. FLOTA then received information that his cart was seen near Manuel Heredia Park, with the assistance of the San Pedro Police. The area was visited and the golf cart was seen overturned on the street. Six occupants that were on the cart were detained by the Police. The damage caused to the cart is estimated to be $900.00Bcy. The six persons detained were three students; ages 12, 16, 17, and three adult females. Police investigation continues.

On 1st July 2014, between the hours of 1:45pm to 3:00pm, Dr. Mario Estrada Bran conducted a postmortem examination on the body of Michael Richard YSAGUIRRE, 50 year old Belizean Fisherman of Belize City, which certified the cause of death as ‘Cardiogenic Shock due to Cardiac Tamponade Syndrome as a consequence of Heart injury due to Chest Trauma, Blunt Instrument Type’.

On 2nd July 2014, at around 10:00am, the body of a female was found floating in the Haulover Creek in the area of Belchina bridge, Belize City. No sign of injury was seen on the body. Police investigations continue.



Glenda SOSA, of Hope Creek Village, Stann Creek District, reported that on 28th June 2014 at about 5:15pm, when she arrived home, she found out that her silver colored Hyundai car 2002, license plates SC- C9527 was missing from her yard. Police are investigating.

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