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27 June 2014


DRUG TRAFFICKING                                                                                    

On 26th June 2014 at about 7:30am, police patrolling on Far West Street, Belize City, they conducted a search on Keiflich HERNANDEZ, 34 year old of Belize City, which resulted in the discovery of a black plastic bag inside his pants waist containing 96 grams of green leafy substances, suspected to be cannabis. Police then arrested and charged Keiflich HERNANDEZ for the offence of Drug Trafficking.

On 26th June 2014 at about 5:20pm, while police were on routine mobile patrol on the George Price Highway, they were stopped by three persons who informed the police that they had just been robbed of their cell phones and car keys by a male person with a firearm, riding a bicycle. The Police Mobile then set chase along with one of the complainants and caught up with the male person behind Faber's Road Ext, Belize City, where he was later detained. He was identified as Mark Anthony PELAYO, 17 year old of Fair-weather Street, Belize City. A search of the area, where he was found, led to the discovery of (3) touch screen cellular phones. A further search was conducted with Mark PELAYO at his father’s house that led to the discovery of a single vehicle key and one homemade sawed off 12 gauge shotgun. Properties were recovered and police have since detained Mark Anthony PELAYO and are seeking another as investigations continue.


Reference the report made on 25th June 2014 by Mr. Weibo LIANG; on 26th June 2014, police arrested and charged a 15 and 16-year-old (both of Belize City) with the crime of Handling Stolen Goods.

Reference the report made on 25th.April 2014 by Jeremy Windell PIPERSBURGH; on 26th June 2014, police arrested and charged 23 year old Egbert Mansfield FERGUSON, of Lord's Bank Village, Belize District, with the crime of Handling Stolen Goods.


Marcus ALAMINA, Belizean Boat Captain, Dive master and Tour Guide of San Pedro Town, visited the Police Station and reported that, on 26th June 2014 at about 6:25am, he and three other Dive masters left Ramón's Village Dock en route to the Blue Hole Natural Monument along with 19 tourists. Upon arrival, he gave a briefing and then separated the number of tourists into two groups. At about 10:00am, and about two minutes later into the dive, he noticed that a tourist, Larry SMITH, was trembling tremendously and seemed to be experiencing some difficulties as he was breathing rapidly and his eyes dilated. Shortly after, he stopped trembling and his regulator dropped out of his mouth and he became motionless. Mr. SMITH was brought to the surface where it was noticed that he was not breathing. Larry SMITH was then taken to Half Moon Caye where the Coast guard later transported the body to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City where it awaits a postmortem examination.


On 26th June 2014, Paul Robert SALDIVAR, of Camalote Village, reported that, on 23rd June 2014 at 8:00am, he made checks in his vehicle’s glove compartment for his licensed .22 Smith and Wesson Pistol, but did not find it. They were no signs of a break-in. Mr. SALDIVAR then recalled loaning his vehicle to someone prior to such findings. Police have since detained one person pending investigation.

Reference the report made by Myron THIESSEN on 20th June 2014, of a stolen 2014 blue Meilun motor cycle, the cycle was recovered in Ontario Village and was positively identified by owner. Also recovered were (1) Black Meilun ML-125-5 and (1) black motor cycle. All property are labeled as found and are at the San Ignacio Police Station.

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