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22 May 2014



At 6:30pm on 21st May 2014, police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw Levi BROWN, 57 year old Belizean Security Supervisor of J&B Security Firm and Resident of Belize City, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the back of the head. Initial investigations revealed that, at 6:20pm on 21st May 2014, BROWN was riding his bicycle on East Collet Canal heading in the direction of King Street and upon reaching the corner with Dean Street; he heard a loud bang and became unconscious. He was transported to the K.H.M.H. where he later regained consciousness and was admitted in a stable condition. A knapsack which he was carrying at the time that contained a blue deposit bag which had in assorted cheques and (1) .380 pistol with (1) magazine containing (7) .380 live rounds was missing. Police investigations continue.     


Jorge MAI, 19 year old Construction Worker of Sybil Reyes Street, Belize City, reported that on 21st May 2014 between the hours of 1:00am and 10:00am, his 1991 black and red Yamaha motor cycle with license plate # MC-1496 was stolen from in front of his house. Police investigations continue.


On 20th May 2014 at about 6:10pm, Ladyville Police received information of a decomposed body in Santana Village. On arrival in Santana Village, Ladyville police were taken about 100 feet in a bushy area behind the house of 57 year old Maurice Dennision YOUNG where they saw him lying face up in an advance stage of decomposition. On 21st May 2014, a postmortem examination was conducted on body certifying the cause of death as traumatic asphyxiation injuries due to chop wound to the neck.


Saul ARTEGA, 21 year old Student of Ramirez Street, Las Flores, reported that at 7:00pm on 20th May 2014, he left home en route to church leaving his 13 year old sister, Senayda FUENTES, at home. Upon returning at 8:30pm, his nephew informed him that Senayda left on a motorcycle with a male person they know and have not returned home since. Senayda FUENTES is of fair complexion, slim built, and about 5 feet 7 inches in height. She has brown eyes and long black hair. She was last seen wearing white jeans pants, a black blouse and a pair of black slippers. Police investigations continue.



Reference the Carnal Knowledge report sent on 20th May 2014, Police arrested and charged Abdiel URIZAR, 21 year old Guatemalan of Santa Cruz Area, Benque Viejo Town, with (5) counts of Carnal Knowledge.

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