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21 May 2014



On 20th May 2014 around 6:30am, Police visited a home located on Eagle Street, Ladyville Village, where they observed a 17 year old male, of Ladyville, with one apparent gunshot wound to the left side of his chest. Initial Investigations revealed that the minor was along with Mason PATNETT at the Ladyville Basketball court - located at the corner of Seagull and Pigeon Street - where both of them allegedly robbed Marvin MARTINEZ, 18 year old of Ladyville, of $150.00Bcy and a blue Mountain Bike. During the robbery, Mason PATNETT reportedly fired a single shot from handgun causing the injury to the minor. They then rode off making good their escape. Police are looking for Mason PATNETT pending investigations.

Kersna RENEAU, of Scissors Tail Street, reported that on 19th May 2014 he arrived at his house and  noticed his black TLC 39" Flat screen TV and wall mount was missing. He observed that two of the metal louvers from one of the window on the south eastern side of the house were pried open and the front door was also opened. He also noted that other electronic items, jewelry and tools were also missing. Police are investigating.



On 20th May 2014 about 6:30am, while police were on mobile patrol on Faber’s Road Extension, Belize City, their attention was drawn to a male person who was riding a bicycle. Upon seeing the Police, the male person threw away a black plastic bag which fell in the drain. Police apprehended him and took him to where he threw the bag. Police retrieved the bag and opened it in his presence. The bag was found to contain 147.3 grams of suspected cannabis. The male person was later identified as Earl TILLETT, 38 year old Belizean Construction Worker of Belize City. He have since been arrested and charged with Drug Trafficking.

On 20th May 2014 at about 7:20am, Police conducted searches in an empty lot on Victoria Street, Belize City, which led to the discovery of two plastic bags containing a total of 206 grams of suspected cannabis. No one was found in the area and the drugs were deposited as found property.  


Reference the Attempt Murder report sent on 17th May 2014, on 19th May 2014, Police arrested and charged 41 year old Lincoln ROBINSON, of Sea Grape Drive, San Pedro Town, and a 17 year old minor of San Pedro Town with Attempt Murder against Irma MEJIA.

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