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16 May 2014



A 22 year old Belizean Forestry Officer (Ranger), Resident of Belize City, reported that on 15th May 2014 at about 10:00am he was walking on Antelope Street, Belize City, when he saw a man whom he has known for the past fifteen years, riding a bicycle heading towards Central American Boulevard. The complainant stated that when this person passed him, he just stared and laughed. After passing, the person reportedly stopped and spoke with some persons inside a gold colored Four Runner vehicle which was parked on Gibnut Street. Noticing this, the complainant reportedly ran towards a relative’s house and while running he saw the person on bicycle riding towards him armed with a handgun. The male person fired several shots at the complainant, which did not hit or cause injuries. Police are investigating.

A 49 year old mother of Belize City visited the police station along with a social worker and her 14 year old daughter where they reported that, on 2nd April 2014, her daughter left school that day and went home to change her clothes. After, she left home without her permission. Later upon making checks, the mother noticed that her daughter’s clothing and all her belongings were missing along with a suitcase that was in the room. She then made a report to the police station. The minor was not located until three days later, on 5th April 2014, on Partridge Extension at an apartment where she apparently had been staying with her boyfriend. A medical examination on the minor revealed that she has been carnally known. Police are investigating.

In reference to the missing person report made by Ms. Marie WILLOUGHBY on 3rd May 2014, checks made on 15th May 2014 at Kolbe Foundation confirmed that Clifton WILLOUGHBY is at prison since 2nd May 2014.

Denise JOHNSON, of Belize City, visited Precinct #2 and reported that at about 4:00pm on 15th May 2014 a female visited her house and reported that her niece and nephew; 12 year old Francine FRANCIS and 7 year old Herman WILLIAMS, both students of Lake Independence Primary School, were involved in a Traffic accident on Mahogany Street. Denise visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and saw Francine FRANCIS with three cut wounds above her right eye, a swollen mouth and abrasions on both hands. Herman WILLIAMS received abrasions on both hands, and a swollen mouth. Both students were treated and released from the KHMH Hospital. Police are again seeking the public’s assistance in the apprehension of this driver.

IWF Belize Reporting Portal

The Belize Police Department has collaborated with the Internet Watch Foundation to open this Portal, so that everyone can access and report online sexual abuse of children.

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