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06 May 2014



Angelita MARTINEZ, of Carmelita Village, Orange Walk District, reported that on 5th May 2014 at about 3:35am her 13 year old daughter, Janet Elsie Daniela MARTINEZ, also of Carmelita Village, stepped out of the house to use the latrine and did not answer to her name when she was called. Her mother then went to the latrine to check for her and could not locate her. Checks made inside Janet‘s room let to the discovery of a backpack which had in some clothing and a deodorant. Janet was last seen wearing a long black skinny jeans, green strapped blouse, brown jacket and black slippers. She is of slim built, clear complexion, mestizo descent, stands 4 feet 9 inches in height, has long blonde hair, light blue eyes, a round face, thin lips, thin eyebrows, and weighs 102lbs. Janet is suspected to have left with a 23 year old man of the same village. Police investigations continue.



On 4th May 2014, Wendy CASSASOLA, of Zacaranda Street, Belize City, reported that at 4:30pm, she gave her 15 year old daughter, Jennilee CASSASOLA, Belizean Student of same address, permission to go visit her aunt who lives in the same neighborhood. Up to the time of making the report, Jennilee‘s whereabouts is unknown. Jennilee is of brown complexion, slim built, has brown eyes, shoulder length curly black hair, is about 4 feet 11 inches in height and weighs about 115lbs. She has a scar on the right upper arm. She was last seen wearing a purple and white off the shoulder blouse with black leggings and pink and purple sandals. Jennilee was in the company of her cousin who is also missing, 14 year old Shanda GARBUTT, Belizean Student of Zacaranda Street, Belize City. Police are investigating.

On 4th May 2014, Josephine SHO, of Zacaranda Street, Belize City reported to police that at about 5:30pm, she allowed her 14 year old daughter, Shanda GARBUTT, Belizean Student of same address, to go visit her aunt who lives in the neighborhood. Up to the time of making the report, Shanda‘s whereabouts is unknown. Shanda is of clear skin complexion, Hispanic descent, medium built, has long black curly hair, brown eyes, is about 5 feet 2 inches in height, weighs about 130lbs. She has some small moles on her face and a slightly bigger one to the right side of her mouth. She was last seen wearing a light blue back out dress, a gold/black pair of sandals with a black purse that has a heart and a skeleton on the front. Police are investigating.

Kindly be on the lookout for 21 year old Clifton Clifford WILLOUGHBY, Belizean of Iguana Street Extension, Belize City. He is brown complexion, slim built, about 6 feet in height and has a low haircut. He can be recognized by a scar over his right eye. Clifton was last seen wearing a pair of short silver silk pants, an orange and white button shirt with a black sweater over it, black socks with green stripes, pair of green slippers and a grey hat on his head. Clifton Clifford WILLOUGHBY has been mentally challenged for the past three years.

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