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02 May 2014



At 11:15pm on 1st May 2014, police visited Ma’s Fast Food located on 7th Avenue, Corozal Town, where the businessman of that address reported that at 11:15pm, on same date, he and his wife were at their business place when two masked men entered. One of the men pointed a sawed-off shotgun at him and demanded money. He stated that he handed over $2,000.00Bcy in cash, (2) Samsung Galaxy cell phones and $300.00Bcy in phone cards.  The other male person, who was armed with a knife, reportedly hit his wife causing bruises and swelling to the left side of her face. The male person with the firearm also hit him to the forehead causing a swelling. Both men then made good their escape. Police investigations continue.



At 10:58am on 30th April 2014, police visited the Northern Regional Hospital where they saw the body of Justice USHER, 2 year old of Belize Corozal Road, Orange Walk Town. Rhondene Usher, 28 year old of the given address and Mother of Justice, reported that at 10:30am, on the same date, she was hanging out clothes behind her house when she heard her son crying and coming out of a store room which is adjacent to their house. She then noticed liquid coming out of his mouth which smelled like insecticide. She began washing his face with soap and gave him water to drink, but the liquid was still coming from his mouth. He was then transported to the Northern Regional Hospital, however; he died at 10:50am. No signs of violence were observed on the body and no foul play is suspected. The body of the 2 year old baby now awaits a postmortem examination.



At 8:25pm on 1st May 2014, while police were conducting mobile patrol within San Ignacio Town, they observed a brown pick-up approaching from the direction of Benque Viejo Town at a very high speed.  Police signaled the driver to stop, however; he continued driving at the same speed. Police then set chase behind the vehicle which later overturned on Buena Vista Street, in front of the Police Station.  Police then conducted a search in the vehicle which led to the discovery of a red sack on the front passenger seat which contained 28 pounds of suspected cannabis. A further search of the vehicle led to the discovery of another sack, behind the driver’s seat, which contained 20 pounds to suspected cannabis. Police have since detained Roland Ranique RIVERS, 32 year old Belizean Driver of Belize City, and Paul Rubio MORGAN, 39 year old Belizean Contractor of Mahogany Heights, pending charges.  



At 2:15pm on 1st May 2014, police visited Ontario Village where 18 year old Travis GONGORA, reported that at 12:30pm on the same date, he along with Justin LAMB, of Camalote Village, and another friend of Ontario Village, went to the river. At about 1:30pm, LAMB jumped into the water and did not resurface. Efforts were made to locate LAMB, however; such efforts were fruitless. Police investigations continue.

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