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28 April 2014



On 26th April 2014, at about 11:30pm, police visited the residence of 84 year old Belizean Businessman of Seaweed Street, in the San Juan Area, where they saw the body of a dark complexion male person dressed in a white t-shirt and khaki 3/4 short pants. The body was identified as that of Dennis PALACIO, 43 year old Belizean Laborer of San Juan Area, San Pedro Town. He was found lying face down with (4) gunshot wounds; (1) to the left side of the lower back, (2) to the right upper back near the shoulder and (1) to the right finger. Initial investigations revealed that sometime around 11:25pm, on 26th April 2014,  PALACIO was leaning on a fence - of a home facing Seaweed Street - when he was approached by a male person dressed  in a black t-shirt and red short pants who fired five shots at him causing his injuries. The body now lies at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital morgue where it awaits a postmortem examination. Police investigations continue.


On 26th April 2014, at about 3:40pm, San Ignacio Police visited the Macal River area between the Hawksworth and board bridge where the body of Johnatan REQUENA, 14 year old of San Ignacio Town, was seen lying face up on the side of the river. Initial investigations revealed that earlier that day, at about 1:30pm, REQUENA along with his 16 year old friend went swimming in the Macal River by the boat wharf. The friend reported that while there swimming, he saw when REQUENA jumped into the water and immediately saw him began struggling and going under as he fought to stay above water. The friend reported that he swam into the water in an effort to help REQUENA, but his efforts were unsuccessful. That is when he saw a young man jump into the river and dragged REQUENA out of the water to the Santa Elena side of the river edge, where he noticed that REQUENA was not breathing. He further stated that some men conducted CPR on REQUENA and called the police. The body of Johnatan REQUENA was transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival at 4:00pm. San Ignacio Police transported the body to the Western Regional Hospital morgue where it awaits a postmortem examination.



On 27th April 2014, at about 10:15am, police visited the Punta Gorda Hospital where they saw Norman BENGUCHE Sr., 69 year old Belizean Linesman of New Road, Punta Gorda Town, suffering from 3 stab wounds to the left upper side of the back in a critical condition. He later succumbed to his injuries at about 10:25am while undergoing treatment. Investigations revealed that David BRANSON, 24 year old of New Road, and BENGUCHE Sr. were involved in a family dispute. While Norman BENGUCHE Sr. was having his breakfast around his table on the verandah of his house, his step son, David BRANSON, reportedly took possession of a knife that was on the table and inflicted the 3 stab wounds on BENGUCHE Sr. causing his injuries. The body now lies at the morgue awaiting a postmortem examination.

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